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What's New

Intel® Trace Collector 2020
  • Removed from documentation all content specific to Intel
    Parallel Studio XE (see note on title page).
Intel® Trace Collector 2019
Intel® Trace Collector 2018
  • Introduced support for OpenSHMEM* applications (Linux* OS only). See Tracing OpenSHMEM Applications for details.
  • Removed support of the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors (formerly code named Knights Corner).
  • Removed macOS* support.
  • Removed support for the indexed tracefile format (ITF).
Intel® Trace Collector 2017
  • Introduced the
    utility for converting OTF2 trace files to the STF format. See the
    Intel® Trace Analyzer User and Reference Guide
    for details.
  • Introduced a new library for collecting MPI load imbalance (Linux* OS only). See Tracing MPI Load Imbalance for details.
  • Introduced a new API function VT_registerprefixed.

Product and Performance Information


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