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  • 2022.2
  • 08/08/2022
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General Preferences

General Preferences
enable you to set up the basic Intel® Trace Analyzer behavior, such as the startup options, view style, confirmation before quitting the Intel Trace Analyzer and the number of the recently opened tracefiles.
Intel® Trace Analyzer
Configuring the Intel Trace Analyzer behavior in the
General Preferences
To Do:
On Startup
Choose the default Intel Trace Analyzer startup experience. It can be the
Welcome Page
, the last tracefile you worked with or another tracefile you have specified.
In this section you can also enable/disable the
Splash Screen
appearance and the main window maximization.
Choose the design in which the view is displayed. The options in the
section depend on the environment.
Other Options
Customize the number of the recent tracefiles to appear in the
File Menu
. Enable confirmation before you quitting Intel Trace Analyzer.

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