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  • 2022.2
  • 08/08/2022
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Context Menu

You can access the context menu by right-clicking the Message Profile. Some general context menu options are common to all Charts. Message Profile provides some options that are specific to this timeline.
Specific Message Profile context menu options:
Attribute to show
Columns to show
Rows to show
Select attributes and groupings.
These entries are the same as those explained in the Message Profile Settings section.
Sort rows by the values of the column clicked on, or to sort columns by the values in a row clicked on and to switch back to the default order.
Use the
Zoom to the selection
option as shown in the example
See the result.
The zoom feature of the Message Profile relies on storing the row and column labels to be suppressed. It can have surprising effects: if
is selected as row grouping and the rows with labels 17 and 19 are hidden, then scrolling into an area containing messages with volume 18 results in these messages being shown. To suppress all messages with certain volumes, use filtering.
Show All
Show hidden rows and columns
Hide some data
Export Data
Open an
Export Text
dialog box to select a file to store textual data in.
It includes all data cells that contain at least one message, even if they are currently hidden. It does not contain row or column statistics. For each cell, it stores all available attributes.
Zooming to Selected Area in the Message Profile:
Intel® Trace Analyzer
Zoomed to the Selected Area:
Intel® Trace Analyzer

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