User and Reference Guide


Intel® Trace Analyzer User and Reference Guide

Intel® Trace Analyzer is available as a standalone application and as a component of the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit.
Documentation for older versions of Intel® Trace Analyzer is available for download only. For a list of available documentation downloads by product version, see Download Documentation for Intel Parallel Studio XE.
Find useful information about the product in the following topics:


See important introductory information about the Intel® Trace Analyzer and this document in Introduction.

User Guide

Learn about the Intel® Trace Analyzer features and capabilities, and see a quick overview of its GUI in User Guide.

Graphical User Interface

Find detailed information about all the Intel® Trace Analyzer GUI elements in Graphical User Interface.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Reference

Find the reference information and learn about the essential Intel® Trace Analyzer concepts in Intel® Trace Analyzer Reference.

Product and Performance Information


Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at