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Example of Using Montgomery Reduction Scheme Functions

Montgomery Multiplication  
void MontMul_sample(void){</codeblock> int size;   // define and initialize Montgomery Engine over Modulus N Ipp32u bnuN = 19; ippsMontGetSize(IppsBinaryMethod, 1, &amp;size); IppsMontState* pMont = (IppsMontState*)( new Ipp8u [size] ); ippsMontInit(IppsBinaryMethod, 1, pMont); ippsMontSet(&amp;bnuN, 1, pMont);   // define and init Big Number multiplicant A Ipp32u bnuA = 12; IppsBigNumState* bnA = New_BN(1, &amp;bnuA); // encode A into Montfomery form ippsMontForm(bnA, pMont, bnA);   // define and init Big Number multiplicant A Ipp32u bnuB = 15; IppsBigNumState* bnB = New_BN(1, &amp;bnuB);     // compute R = A*B mod N IppsBigNumState* bnR = New_BN(1); ippsMontMul(bnA, bnB, pMont, bnR);   Type_BN("R = A*B mod N:\n", bnR); delete [] (Ipp8u*)pMont; delete [] (Ipp8u*)bnA; delete [] (Ipp8u*)bnB; delete [] (Ipp8u*)bnR; }

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