Developer Guide

Building a Custom DLL with Custom Library Tool

Follow the steps below to build a custom dynamic library using the Intel IPP Custom Library Tool:
  1. Run
    to launch the GUI version of the tool.
  2. Select the Intel IPP or Intel IPP Cryptography package (optional). If you run the tool inside the Intel IPP or Intel IPP Cryptography package, the current one will be used as default. Otherwise, you need to provide the path to the package.
  3. Configure your custom library.
  4. Set the library name.
  5. Select functions from the list. You can build a dynamic library containing Intel IPP or Intel IPP Cryptography functionality, but not both. If you need to add threaded functions to the custom list, select
    Threading layer
    checkbox to show the list of threaded functions.
  6. Build the library automatically (if available) or save a build script.
You can save the configuration and the list of custom functions as a project by clicking
Save project
Save project as...
. The project is saved as a file with the
extension. Then you can open this project by clicking
Open project

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