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  • 2022.2
  • 09/08/2022
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The migrated API does not return an error code. 0 is returned in the lambda. You may need to rewrite this code.

Detailed Help

Typically, this happens because the API call in the original application returns an error code and then it is consumed by the program logic.
SYCL* uses exceptions to report errors and does not return the error code.
The Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool inserts a
return 0;
statement at the end of the lambda expression, if the return code is expected by the program logic and the new API does not return it. Review all such places in the code.
Similar to DPCT1003.

Suggestions to Fix

If in a DPC++ application you:
  • Do not need the code that consumes the error code, remove the code and the
    return 0;
  • Need the code that consumes the error code, try to replace it with an exception handling code and use your logic in an exception handler.
Similar to DPCT1003.

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