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  • 2022.2
  • 09/08/2022
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An error handling
was detected but could not be rewritten. See the details in the resulting file comments.

Detailed Help

This warning is generated when the Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool detects more complex error handling than it considers safe to remove.
The CUDA* API returns error codes that are consumed by the program logic. SYCL* uses exceptions to report errors and does not return the error code.
When the error handling logic in the original code is simple (for example, a print error message and exit), the code is removed in the resulting Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) application. The expectation is that SYCL throws an exception, which is handled with the printing of an exception message and exiting (the exception handler is generated automatically by the Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool).

Suggestions to Fix

Review the error handling
statement and try to rewrite it to use an exception handler instead.

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