Installation Guide

  • 2022.3
  • 09/08/2022
  • Public Content

Uninstall oneAPI Toolkits and Components

Uninstall Using GUI

  • Use the following commands to uninstall oneAPI Toolkits:
    cd /opt/intel/oneapi/installer sudo ./
  • Select
    to remove the toolkit
  • Use Installer dashboard dialog with the list of already installed products (toolkits) to Modify, Repair, or Remove each toolkit separately.

Uninstall with Command Line

  1. Display the list of the already installed products and products included in the downloadable package using the following command:
    m_[Toolkit Name]Kit_[version].sh -s -a --list-products
  2. Uninstall the selected product:
    cd /opt/intel/oneapi/installer sudo ./ --action remove --product-id intel.oneapi.mac.tbb.product --product-ver 2021.1.1-129

Product and Performance Information


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