Installation Guide

  • 2021.4
  • 09/27/2021
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Diagnose Errors

The Diagnostics Utility for Intel oneAPI toolkits provides more checks to find missing dependencies and permissions errors. Learn more.

Cannot install Intel® FPGA Add-on via YUM with Intel® Base Toolkit 2021.4

When installing the Intel® FPGA Add-on via the YUM package manager on CentOS 7 or RHEL 7, you may get conflict errors like below:
yum install intel-oneapi-intelfpgadpcpp-custom-platforms-quartus20.2 --> Finished Dependency Resolution Error: intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-runtime conflicts with intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-runtime-2021.1.1-2021.1.1-189.x86_64
: To work around the issue, add
to the installation command:
yum install intel-oneapi-intelfpgadpcpp-custom-platforms-quartus20.2 intel-basekit

Integrity check failed

During installation, you may get an error message about failed integrity check of downloaded files.
: Downloaded files are corrupted because of the hard drive corruption.
: Check hard drive health and restart the installation.

YUM packages conflict on Amazon Linux 2* OS

When installing toolkits of version 2021.2 or 2021.3 on Amazon Linux 2* OS via YUM, you may get an error similar to the following:
Error: intel-oneapi-tbb-2021.2.0 conflicts with intel-oneapi-common-licensing-2021.1.1-2021.1.1-60.noarch
: To work around the issue, install Intel oneAPI toolkits with the following commands:
  • Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-basekit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version> intel-oneapi-libdpstd-devel-<version>
  • Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-hpckit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version> intel-oneapi-libdpstd-devel-<version>
  • Intel® oneAPI IoT Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-iotkit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version> intel-oneapi-libdpstd-devel-<version>
  • Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-aikit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version>
  • Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-renderkit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version>
  • Intel® oneAPI DL Framework Developer Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-renderkit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version>
is 2021.2.0 or 2021.3.0. For example:
sudo yum install intel-basekit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-2021.2.0 intel-oneapi-libdpstd-devel-2021.2.0

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