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  • 2022.2
  • 04/13/2022
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Diagnose Errors

The Diagnostics Utility for Intel oneAPI toolkits provides more checks to find missing dependencies and permissions errors. Learn more.

Cannot install Intel® FPGA Add-on via YUM with Intel® Base Toolkit 2021.4

When installing the Intel® FPGA Add-on via the YUM package manager on CentOS 7 or RHEL 7, you may get conflict errors like below:
yum install intel-oneapi-intelfpgadpcpp-custom-platforms-quartus20.2 --> Finished Dependency Resolution Error: intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-runtime conflicts with intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-runtime-2021.1.1-2021.1.1-189.x86_64
: To work around the issue, add
to the installation command:
yum install intel-oneapi-intelfpgadpcpp-custom-platforms-quartus20.2 intel-basekit

Integrity check failed

During installation, you may get an error message about failed integrity check of downloaded files.
: Downloaded files are corrupted because of the hard drive corruption.
: Check hard drive health and restart the installation.

Corrupted terminal screen

After launching the installer in CLI mode, you may see a corrupted terminal screen. Dialogs and other elements are not rendered properly.
: The installer does not support terminal size less than 80x24 characters.
: Resize your terminal size to 80x24 characters or greater before launching the installer.

YUM packages conflict on Amazon Linux 2* OS

When installing toolkits of version 2021.2 or 2021.3 on Amazon Linux 2* OS via YUM, you may get an error similar to the following:
Error: intel-oneapi-tbb-2021.2.0 conflicts with intel-oneapi-common-licensing-2021.1.1-2021.1.1-60.noarch
: To work around the issue, install Intel oneAPI toolkits with the following commands:
  • Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-basekit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version> intel-oneapi-libdpstd-devel-<version>
  • Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-hpckit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version> intel-oneapi-libdpstd-devel-<version>
  • Intel® oneAPI IoT Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-iotkit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version> intel-oneapi-libdpstd-devel-<version>
  • Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-aikit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version>
  • Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-renderkit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version>
  • Intel® oneAPI DL Framework Developer Toolkit
    sudo yum install intel-renderkit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-<version>
is 2021.2.0 or 2021.3.0. For example:
sudo yum install intel-basekit intel-oneapi-common-licensing-2021.2.0 intel-oneapi-libdpstd-devel-2021.2.0

2021.x installation overwrites existing 2022.x installer

If you launch the installer for the 2021.x version of a toolkit on a system with the 2022.x version installed, your existing 2022.x installer will be downgraded to the 2021.x version. The 2021.x installer does not recognize installed 2022.x packages.
: Compatibility issue between 2022.x and 2021.x versions of the installer.
: Restore the latest installer by launching the installer for the 2022.x version of the toolkit. In future, when you need to install 2021.x on a system with 2022.x installed, before launching the installer, back up the following installer directories by renaming them:
  • root:
  • user:
When you are done with 2021.x, you can change back the directory names to restore the 2022.x installer.

Installation hangs indefinitely when launched in GUI mode using SSH

In an SSH session, installation may hang indefinitely when launched in GUI mode.
: Issue detecting available screen for GUI in an SSH session.
: Interrupt current process using Ctrl + C and launch the installer in CLI mode using the following command:
sh ./l_[Toolkit Name]Kit_[version].sh -a --cli

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