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  • 2022.2
  • 04/13/2022
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Install Intel GPU Drivers

If you are using Intel GPU, you need to install the latest GPU drivers (Intel® oneAPI Level Zero and OpenCL™ Driver) separately. Follow the instructions provided at General Purpose GPU Drivers for Linux* Operating Systems to install the latest Intel GPU drivers.
  • Check that you have permissions to access files
    . This typically means that your user account is a member of the “video” (on Ubuntu* 18, Fedora* 30, and SLES* 15 SP1) or “render” (on Ubuntu* 19 and higher, CentOS* 8, and Fedora* 31) group. Alternatively, an administrator with sudo or root privilege can change the group owner of
    to a group ID used by your user base.
  • For GPU compute workloads, non-root users do not have access to the GPU device. If you do not add a non-root user to the “video” group, all binaries compiled for a GPU will fail during execution. To fix this problem, add the non-root user to the “video” group:
    sudo usermod -a -G video <username>
  • If you plan to use the Intel® Distribution for GDB* on Linux*, make sure to configure debugger access.
  • If you have applications with long-running GPU compute workloads in native environments, you must disable the hangcheck timeout period to avoid terminating workloads.

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