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  • 2022.2
  • 04/13/2022
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Install Packages or Components to Different Directories

Intel oneAPI installer supports side-by-side installation. It means that you can install multiple instances of toolkits/components to different directories on the same machine. Each instance is a separate installation entity with its own isolated environment. Product installed in one instance is not visible in another instance.
With multi-instance installation, you can:
  • Install a newer version of a toolkit/component without removing the previous one
  • Install toolkits to different directories other than default
  • Have multiple instances of the same version of a toolkit/component installed
To install a package into a specific instance, use the following command:
  • root:
    sudo sh ./l_[Toolkit Name]Kit_[version].sh -a -s –eula=accept –-install-dir=<custom-install-dir> --instance=<instance ID>
  • user:
    ./l_[Toolkit Name]Kit_[version].sh -a -s –eula=accept –-install-dir=<custom-install-dir> --instance=<instance ID>
  • <custom-install-dir>
    is the directory where you want to install a specific instance to
  • <instance ID>
    is a unique combination of alphanumeric symbols that designate an instance, for example
For instructions on how to uninstall product(s) from a specific instance, refer to Uninstall Using Silent CLI.

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