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  • 2022.0
  • 05/15/2022
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Dialog Box: Problem Report

To access this
Intel Inspector
dialog box: In the
window, right-click one or more code locations, problems, or problem sets to display a context menu, then choose
Create Problem Report...
Use this dialog box to export result data in plain text format so you can distribute it to teammates in other media, such as email.
Use This
To Do This
Result data grouped by problem set
  • View result data for the selected code location(s), problem(s), or problem set(s).
  • Select result data to copy to the system clipboard.
Include call stacks
  • Include call stack information in the report (select).
  • Exclude call stack information from the report (deselect).
Save to File
Save the result data (with or without call stack information) to a text file.
Copy to Clipboard
Copy the selected result data to the system clipboard.

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