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  • 2022.0
  • 05/15/2022
  • Public Content

Visual Studio* Integration

Support for Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2017 is deprecated as of the Intel® oneAPI 2022.1 release, and will be removed in a future release.
Intel® Inspector
integrates into the Visual Studio* integrated development environment (IDE) and can be accessed from the menus, toolbar, and
Solution Explorer
in the following manner:
Intel Inspector/Visual Studio* plug-in
The menu, toolbar, and
Solution Explorer
offer different ways to perform many of the same functions.
Use the
Tools >
Intel Inspector [version]
menu to create analysis results; compare results; and import result archive files, results not associated with a project, and results from other Intel error-detection products into the current project.
Use the
Intel Inspector
toolbar to open the
Getting Started
page, create analysis results, compare results, and configure projects.
Solution Explorer
context menus (right-click to open):
  • Use the
    Intel Inspector [version]
    menu on the
    Solution Explorer
    project context menu to create analysis results and configure projects.
  • Use the context menu on a result in the project result folder to open results, create analysis results, refinalize (re-resolve) results, export result archive files, and manage results.

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