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  • 2022.0
  • 05/15/2022
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Configure Installation Options

Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit
Intel® oneAPI IoT Toolkit
installations on Linux*, the default installation path is below
When installing the Intel® Cluster Studio on a Linux cluster, it is highly recommended to turn on the per-user Hardware Event-based Sampling mode for the
Intel® VTune™
tool to make sure that during the collection only data for the current user is collected. Once enabled by the administrator during the installation, this mode cannot be turned off by a regular user which is intentional to preclude individual users from observing the performance data over the whole node including other users' activities.
The per-user Hardware Event-based Sampling mode is not available on the Windows operating system at the moment.
Once installed, the user can use the respective
files to set up the appropriate environment (PATH, MANPATH) in the current terminal session. The tools capabilities are the same for Windows* and Linux* OS unless explicitly noted and described.

Product and Performance Information


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