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  • 2021.2
  • 03/26/2021
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Introducing Intel® MPI Benchmarks

Intel® MPI Benchmarks performs a set of MPI performance measurements for point-to-point and global communication operations for a range of message sizes. Intel® MPI Benchmarks is developed using ANSI C plus standard MPI. It is distributed as an open source project to enable use of benchmarks across various cluster architectures and MPI implementations.
The generated benchmark data fully characterizes:
  • Performance of a cluster system, including node performance, network latency, and throughput
  • Efficiency of the MPI implementation used
The Intel® MPI Benchmarks package consists of the following components:
  • IMB-MPI1 – benchmarks for MPI-1 functions.
  • Components for MPI-2 functionality:
    • IMB-EXT – one-sided communications benchmarks.
    • IMB-IO – input/output (I/O) benchmarks.
  • Components for MPI-3 functionality:
    • IMB-NBC – benchmarks for non-blocking collective (NBC) operations.
    • IMB-RMA – one-sided communications benchmarks. These benchmarks measure the Remote Memory Access (RMA) functionality introduced in the MPI-3 standard.
    • IMB-MT – benchmarks for MPI-1 functions running within multiple threads per rank.
Each component constitutes a separate executable file. You can run all of the supported benchmarks, or specify a single executable file in the command line to get results for a specific subset of benchmarks.
If you do not have the MPI-2 or MPI-3 extensions available, you can install and use IMB-MPI1 that uses only standard MPI-1 functions.

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