• 03/25/2021
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Intel® VTune™ Profiler

VTune Profiler can assist not only with finding CPU or GPU bottlenecks, it can also help to optimize work being done by the CPU when tuning for performance. For tuning performance on DirectX applications, VTune Profiler can detect slow frames and detect DirectX events. VTune Profiler also supports customization of tracing events through its Frame and Event APIs. For more information on how to set up and use VTune Profiler, see the extensive documentation on VTune Profiler in the Intel® VTune™ Profiler User Guide.
While the scope of this guide is only limited to performance optimizations on Xᵉ-LP, this guide provides an overview of key features that are helpful for developers when tuning performance on workloads that are more graphical in nature, such as gaming applications.

Product and Performance Information


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