• 03/25/2021
  • Public Content

Tile-Based Rendering

To ensure the most efficient use of Xᵉ-LP tile-based hardware, follow these guidelines for bandwidth limited passes:
  • Only use trilist or tristrip topologies.
  • For DirectX 12, use ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::EndRenderPass with D3D12_RENDER_PASS_ENDING_ACCESS_TYPE_DISCARD.
  • For Vulkan, use VkRenderPass/VkSubpass with VK_ATTACHMENT_STORE_OP_DONT_CARE.
  • Avoid tessellation, geometry, and compute shaders. Passes with tessellation and geometry shaders will not benefit from hardware improvements.
  • Avoid intra-render pass read after write hazards.
  • Separate the attributes required to compute position into separate vertex buffers.

Product and Performance Information


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