• 03/25/2021
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Command Submissions

When working with command queues and buffers, the following are recommended:
  • Batch command list submission at ExecuteCommandLists in DirectX 12 when possible, but not to the point where the GPU is starved. This ensures efficient use of the CPU and GPU.
  • When filling command buffers or command queues, use multiple CPU cores when possible. This reduces single core CPU bottlenecking of your application. Using Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) can help.
  • Use reusable command buffers with caution.
  • DirectX 12 specific:
    • Avoid the overuse of bundles as they may incur additional CPU and GPU overhead.
  • Vulkan specific:
    • Use primary command buffers where possible as these provide better performance due to internal batch buffer usage.
    • For primary command buffers, use USAGE_ONE_TIME_SUBMIT_BIT.
    • For primary command buffers, avoid USAGE_SIMULTANEOUS_USE_BIT.
    • Minimize the use of secondary command buffers as they are less efficient than primary command buffers and not as efficient with depth clears.

Product and Performance Information


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