• 03/25/2021
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Variable Rate Shading

Variable-rate shading, gives the programmer the ability to vary the shading rate independent from the render target resolution and rasterization rate. Among other use cases, this feature allows developers to reduce the number of pixel shader invocations with content that has slowly varying shading parameters, or for pixels that may be blurred later in the rendering pipeline. The feature enables developers to direct shader operations to the pixels that matter most in their content. This can provide a better visual solution than rendering at a lower resolution and then upscaling, since we preserve the depth and stencil at full pixel rate. Xᵉ-LP hardware supports DirectX 12 variable-rate shading (VRS) Tier 1. For more information on enabling VRS Tier 1 in your application please refer to the Get Started with Variable Rate Shading on Intel® Processor Graphics whitepaper.

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