• 03/25/2021
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Idle and Active Power

Processors execute in different power states, known as P-states and C-states. C-states are essentially idle states that minimize power draw by progressively shutting down more and more of the processor. P-states are performance states where the processor consumes progressively more power and runs faster at a higher frequency.
These power states define how much time the processor is sleeping and how it distributes available power when active. Power states can change very quickly, so sleep states are relevant to most applications that do not consume all the power available, including real-time applications.
When you optimize applications, try to save power in two different ways:
  • Increase the amount of idle time your application uses where it makes sense.
  • Improve overall power usage and balance under active use.
You can determine the power state behavior of your application by measuring how much time it spends in each state. Since each state consumes a different amount of power, you will get a picture over time of your app’s overall power use.

Product and Performance Information


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