• 03/25/2021
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Run as Slow as You Can While Remaining Responsive

If you run as slow as you can (but still remain responsive) then you can save power and extend battery life.
  • Detect when you are in a power-managed mode and limit frame rate. This prolongs battery life and allows your system to run cooler. Running at 30 Hz instead of 60 Hz can save significant power.
  • Provide a way to disable the frame rate limit, for benchmarking. Warn players that they will use their battery quickly. You should also want to let the player control the frame rate cap.
  • Use off-screen buffers and do smart compositing for in-game user interfaces (which are often limited to small panels for displays like health, power-ups, and so on). Since user interfaces usually change much more slowly than in-game scenes, there is no need to change them at the same rate as the game frame. Here again, DRR may be useful in helping you decouple UI rendering from main scene rendering.

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