• 03/25/2021
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Manage Timers and Respect System Idle, Avoid Tight Polling Loops

There are several other related points to watch:
  • Reduce your app's reliance on high-resolution periodic timers.
  • Avoid Sleep() calls in tight loops. Use Wait*() APIs instead. Sleep() or any other busy-wait API can cause the operating system to keep the machine from being in the Idle state. Intel's Mobile Platform Idle Optimization presentation offers an extensive rundown of which APIs to use and to avoid.
  • Avoid tight polling loops. If you have a polling architecture that uses a tight loop, convert it to an event-driven architecture. If you must poll, use the largest polling interval possible.
  • Avoid busy-wait calls. This can cause unnecessary power use. There is no way for the operating system or the power management hardware to detect that the code does nothing useful.

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