• 03/25/2021
  • Public Content

Intel® Processor Graphics Xᵉ-LP API Developer and Optimization Guide

This document presents developer guidance and optimization methods for the graphics hardware architecture of Intel® Processor Graphics Xᵉ-LP. It provides developers best practices to most effectively harness the architecture’s capabilities and peak performance. The document also provides specific API guidance for using the latest graphics APIs on Intel Processor Graphics Xᵉ-LP.
The intended audience of this guide is developers who seek to optimize their interactive 3D rendering applications for Xᵉ-LP. It is assumed that the developer has a fundamental understanding of the graphics API pipelines for Microsoft DirectX* 12, Vulkan*, and/or Metal 2. Xᵉ-LP also supports the DirectX 11 and OpenGL* graphics APIs; however, there are performance benefits and lower CPU overhead for applications that use the newer and lower level APIs such as DirectX12, Vulkan, and Metal 2, and also new graphics architecture features that are only available in these APIs.

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