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  • 2022.3
  • 09/27/2022
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Start a Desktop Application with Graphics Monitor

To start your application directly from the Intel® GPA's Graphics Monitor:
  1. Launch the Graphics Monitor by double-clicking the icon in the taskbar notification area.
    The Graphics Monitor Launcher Screen opens with the
    Desktop Applications
    tab active.
  2. In the
    Desktop Applications
    tab, select an application for analysis:
    • In the
      Application Executable with Command Line Arguments
      field in the lower part of the screen, browse to your application or enter the full application path.
      You can also enter any command-line options required to run your application. If the path to the application contains spaces, put the path in quotation marks.
      Intel GPA: Launch Application
    • If you already analyzed your application with Intel GPA, you can select the application from the list of recently run applications.
  3. (Optional) In the
    Working Directory
    field, type the directory in which the application should run.
    This is useful for games with a launcher or mission packs located in a different directory than the game files.
  4. (Optional) In the
    Environment Variables
    field, type environment variables for the application.
  5. Choose the mode to start the application:
    • Frame
      to monitor real-time metrics and capture a frame.
    • Stream
      to capture a sequence of frames until the application is stopped.
    • Trace
      to monitor real-time metrics and capture a trace.
    • You can configure the Graphics Monitor to capture a specific graphics API. This can be useful, if your application uses more than one API. To do this, enable the
      Extended Profiling Modes
      toggle in the Graphics Monitor
      pane. The mode selector drop-down will feature entries that are specific to different graphics APIs.
    • Stream
      capturing is not supported on Linux* OS.
  6. Click
    to launch the application with the HUD overlay.


If you are new to Intel GPA, consider using samples available in the list of applications and click
. This runs a sample application with Intel GPA instrumentation, enabling you to quickly analyze the performance. With this sample, you can verify the correct installation and operation of Intel GPA. This is especially useful if your application appears to have problems when running with Intel GPA.
For example, on Windows use
. While working with this application, you can add more buttons to switch on/off 3D scene overrides:
to change the GUI to display;
Toggle vsync
Toggle alpha blend
, and
Toggle depth
test buttons. By default, the application does not show these buttons.

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