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  • 09/27/2022
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Analyze Applications in the Network Mode

During remote analysis, the application runs on a
(remote) system, where the remote instance of Intel® GPA collects and displays the received data. The
version of Intel GPA tracks application and system metrics.
Remote analysis is useful in the following cases:
  • To analyze application performance on different systems. Intel GPA tools display metrics from one target system at a time.
  • To run a heavy application on a remote target but analyze the collected data on more powerful host system. Using system resources by Intel GPA may impact the accuracy of GPU and CPU metrics.
Intel GPA uses 27072 and 27016 ports to enable communication between the host and target platforms. Both ports are secured with cryptographic and secure handshaking mechanisms.
To analyze a remote application:
Install Intel GPA tool set both on the target and host system.
  1. On your target system, launch the Graphics Monitor and start an application.
  2. On the host system, launch the Intel GPA tools and connect them to the Graphics Monitor running on the target system as follows:
    For System Analyzer:
    1. At the top of the
      System Analyzer
      window, specify the hostname or IP address of the target system.
    2. Click the
      Select Process
      button to choose the application that you have started on the target system.
      Now you can view real-time application metrics and perform analysis.
    For Graphics Frame Analyzer:
    1. In the Graphics Frame Analyzer window, click the
      This PC
      button in the top left corner and enter the IP address of the target system.
      Optionally, you can also set an alias for the remote system. By default, Graphics Frame Analyzer is connected to the local system.
    2. Click the
      Select Process
      button to choose the application running on the host system.
  3. If you connect to a target system for the first time, Graphics Monitor asks you to authorize the connection. Click
    Accept Once
    to allow the connection for the current session only, or
    Accept Always
    to add the system IP address to the list of authorized systems.
  4. Once the systems are connected, proceed with the selected analysis type.
    The remote system collects metrics and provides access to performance statistics, while the host system is used to manipulate the analysis remotely (choose calls, resources, etc.).
To use the Graphics Trace Analyzer remotely, capture a trace on the target system and copy it to the host system manually.
  • Keep the Graphics Monitor open on the target system, while you are running the analysis, and do not remove the captured frame/stream from the systems.
  • If the target system hibernates, enters power saving mode, or the screen saver starts, you may get incorrect data. To collect accurate measurements, restart Intel GPA tools.

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