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  • 03/17/2022
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To learn more about the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA), see the following resources:
Get the Simplified Chinese version of this document.
Explore the mechanics of graphics optimization and learn best practices.
Get full information on the product features and usage flows.
Get access to Intel® GPA videos and tutorials.
Learn about Intel® GPA new features and supported system configurations.
View documentation for all the Intel® GPA features.
Ask your questions about Intel® GPA and get help and support.
Benefit from Intel marketing program that supports developers providing game applications on Intel architecture. Selected applications will be promoted by Intel in social channels. The value of this benefit is estimated at $5,000 per title. Additionally, your game will be considered for other Intell® Game Dev Boost activities like email campaigns, event demonstrations, and game bundles.
Learn about Intel® GPA Framework - a cross-platform, cross-API suite of tools and interfaces, which allows you to capture, playback and analyze graphics applications.

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