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  • 2022.1
  • 09/08/2022
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Step 3: Download and Install the Package

In this step, you will download and unpack the Intel® TCC Tools package on your development host system.
  1. If you have not downloaded the package, click the
    option from the Product Page.
  2. On your development host system, make the package shell script executable. Replace
    as appropriate.
    chmod +x ./l_tcc_tools_<version>
  3. Extract the installer into the current directory. Replace
    as appropriate.
    ./l_tcc_tools_<version> -x -f ./
    You may not see any output on the screen for about 30 seconds.
  4. Go to the directory containing the extracted files. Replace
    as appropriate.
    cd l_tcc_tools_<version>_offline
  5. Make the install shell script executable:
    chmod +x ./
  6. The following command will install the files in these locations:
    • If the command is executed without root privileges:
    • If the command is executed with root privileges:
    In this command, you are accepting the end user license agreement (EULA). To view the license, go to
    or End User License Agreements.
    Run the following command to install the files:
    ./ --action=install --eula=accept --intel-sw-improvement-program-consent=no --silent
    After you have installed the product using the command above, the
    referenced in the EULA is available in
  7. Source the environment file to set up environment variables for Intel® TCC Tools.
    Because subsequent steps use the environment variables set up in this terminal window, continue to use this terminal window to complete those steps. If you use a new terminal window, you will need to run this command again to set up environment variables in the new terminal window.
    source ~/intel/tcc_tools/latest/env/
    The Set Up Environment Variables (Public Document) section in the Developer Guide (Public Document) contains a list of the environment variables that are set.
  8. Note
    : If you are using the data streams optimizer for Intel Atom® x6000E Series Processors, check the Software Kit page to see if an updated version of the tuning configuration database files are available. An updated version of the database files is designated by the patch version field and will be named as follows:
    If an updated version of the tuning configuration database files is available, download the file. The updated tuning configuration database files are meant for use with the 2022.1.0 release of the Intel® TCC Tools package (note the change in the third revision field in the .zip filename). The next Intel® TCC Tools release will contain the updated tuning database.
    The tuning configuration database files were updated to support PCIe* devices at the following B:D:F (Bus:Device:Function) addresses:
    00:1c.4 00:1c.7 01:00.0 02:00.0
    To verify that you have installed Intel® TCC Tools version 2022.1.0, do the following steps:
    $ cat $TCC_ROOT/version.txt 2021-12-23 17:24:52+03:00 568fda5364a972a5a1a2f668f2a1b29e5a9d79f2 2022.1.0
    The tuning database installation is relatively simple; instructions are included in the compressed (*.zip) file that you have downloaded. Use the following command to extract the file.
    You will then see some readme files and a TAR file. The TAR file contains the updated *.db file. After extracting the file, copy the new *.db file to your existing Intel® TCC Tools installation on your host development system.
    Installing the tuning database patch does not update the folder version number or the contents of the version.txt file.

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