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  • 2021.3
  • 10/29/2021
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Get Started with Intel® TCC Tools 2021.3 for Ubuntu* Host and Yocto Project* + UEFI BIOS Target

Intel® Time Coordinated Computing Tools (Intel® TCC Tools) is a collection of developer tools and APIs that offer fine-grain real-time tuning.
As this diagram shows, the product is one of three software components offered by Intel. Each component helps improve real-time performance by addressing latency and jitter caused by various sources.
This guide will help you get started with each component in the recommended order:
Board support package
(Step 1):
  • Add this to your target system first.
  • Addresses OS latency via Yocto Project distribution of Linux with real-time kernel and optimized drivers.
(Step 2):
  • Activate Intel® TCC optimizations in the firmware to further enhance performance.
  • Addresses processor latency via Intel® TCC Mode setting that disables power management and enables Intel® TCC features, SMI reductions, and other optimizations.
Intel® TCC Tools
(Step 3-8):
  • Add this last to fine-tune performance.
  • Addresses the need to balance real-time performance, power, and general compute via tuning of cache, I/O, and processor fabric.
You may find that you do not need all three components for your use case. The guide is structured in this way to give you the option to test performance of the board support package alone, then the board support package plus firmware, and finally all three components together.
Default vs. Custom Setup for Intel® TCC Tools
This guide covers a
default setup
for Intel® TCC Tools. Intel offers default and custom setup, defined below:
Default setup
: Recommended configuration to start evaluating Intel® TCC Tools. This term refers to a software stack that Intel supports for Intel® TCC Tools. In addition, Intel may streamline the setup steps by using scripts instead of requiring manual steps.
Custom setup
refers to these additional configurations:
  • Modified default setup. Intel offers ways to customize a default setup by documenting the manual steps that the scripts automate or additional parameters.
  • A software stack that Intel does
    support for Intel® TCC Tools, but Intel offers some advice or examples to help you port Intel® TCC Tools into the unsupported environment. You are responsible for implementation and validation.
For details about custom setup, see the Developer Guide.

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