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Step 7: Verify the Target System Setup

Installation is complete. Now you are ready to try the
real-time readiness checker
, one of the tools in Intel® TCC Tools.
In this step, you will run the real-time readiness checker to validate system settings.

Why Use the Real-Time Readiness Checker?

The real-time readiness checker is a command-line tool that checks the many attributes that may affect real-time performance:
  • Verifies whether the system has a supported processor, boot firmware, and OS
  • Checks for features that may affect real-time performance, such as Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology, and processor power-saving states
  • Reports CPU and GPU frequencies
  • Operates at the UEFI BIOS or OS level

Running the Real-Time Readiness Checker

To run this tool:
  1. From your development host system, reconnect to the target via SSH:
    ssh root@<target>
  2. If possible, maximize the terminal window to full size. The real-time readiness checker displays tables of settings that are best viewed in a wide window, though text will wrap and the screen will scroll accordingly.
  3. In the SSH session
    , run the real-time readiness checker:
    tcc_rt_checker | more
  4. In the output, check the Result column for each checker:
    • If
      appears for all checkers, the target system is properly configured.
    • If
      appears for any checkers, use the command
      tcc_rt_checker -l
      for details.
    • For more information about this tool, see the Real-Time Readiness Checker Tool.
You have successfully used the real-time readiness checker to verify the target system setup and are now ready to begin using other Intel® TCC Tools features to test and optimize your setup. The Next Steps summarizes these tools.

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