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  • 11/03/2021
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Step 2: Download and Install the Package

In this step, you will download and unpack the Intel® TCC Tools package.
  1. If you haven’t already downloaded the package: Download.
  2. On your host system, make the package shell script executable. Replace
    as appropriate.
    chmod +x ./l_tcc_tools_p_<version>
  3. Extract the installer into the current directory. Replace
    as appropriate.
    The dot at the end of the command is part of the command. It is the current directory.
    ./l_tcc_tools_p_<version> -x -f .
    You may not see any output on the screen for about 30 seconds.
  4. Go to the directory containing the extracted files. Replace
    as appropriate.
    cd l_tcc_tools_p_<version>_offline
  5. Make the install shell script executable:
    chmod +x ./
  6. Run the following command to install the files. The command will install the files in the following locations:
    • If the command is executed without root privileges:
    • If the command is executed with root privileges:
    In this command, you are accepting the end user license agreement (EULA). To view the license, go to
    or Intel End User License Agreement for Developer Tools.
    ./ --action=install --eula=accept --intel-sw-improvement-program-consent=no --silent
  7. Source the environment file to set up environment variables for installed Intel products, including Intel® TCC Tools. Subsequent steps use these environment variables. Make sure to continue to use this terminal window to complete subsequent steps. If you use a new terminal window, you will need to run this command again to set up environment variables in the new window.
    source ~/intel/oneapi/
    For reference, the Developer Guide contains a list of the environment variables that are set: Set Up Environment Variables.

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