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  • 11/03/2021
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Get Started with Intel® TCC Tools 2021.1

Intel offers a reference real-time software stack consisting of:
  • Linux OS: Yocto Project-based board support package (BSP) with real-time optimizations
  • UEFI reference BIOS with Intel® TCC Mode
  • Intel® TCC Tools (this product)
The BSP and UEFI reference BIOS contain optimizations that help drastically decrease execution latencies and reduce jitter, at times up to several orders of magnitude.
Intel® TCC Tools offer granular tuning to further decrease cycle times or address use cases that demand special tuning techniques, such as fabric tuning.
Intel recommends starting with the BSP and UEFI BIOS with Intel® TCC Mode enabled. For more information, see the
Real-Time Tuning Guide
for your platform, which you can find on the Intel® TCC Tools documentation page.
If more tuning is needed, move on to Intel® TCC Tools.
This guide will show you how to install and begin working with Intel® TCC Tools.
Host-Target Environment
The recommended environment for using Intel® TCC Tools consists of a host system for development tasks and a target system with supported hardware platform for application deployment and execution.
In this guide, you will walk through how to set up a host system and a target system.
  • The host system is a Linux* machine (all prerequisites are specified later in this guide). You will install Intel® TCC Tools for development.
  • The target system is a reference implementation, consisting of a supported Intel hardware platform, reference BIOS, and BSP with Intel® TCC Tools dependencies layer. You will install Intel® TCC Tools on top of the OS.
The following image shows an overview of the steps in this guide:
  • Step 1 will direct you to build the target OS per the BSP Release Notes. In the diagram, the system is called a “build system” because it requires more computing resources than the specifications you will need for your development host system. The build system and the host system can the same machine or separate.
  • Steps 2 and 3 will install Intel® TCC Tools and all dependencies on your development host system.
  • Steps 4-7 will install and configure the target system.
These steps use scripts to automate the installation process. For manual installation steps and reference information, see the Developer Guide.
Begin with Prerequisites.

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