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Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library

Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library
) is a performance library for deep learning applications. The library includes basic building blocks for neural networks optimized for Intel® Architecture Processors and Intel® Processor Graphics.
is intended for deep learning applications and framework developers interested in improving application performance on Intel CPUs and GPUs.
library provides a SYCL* extensions API for CPU and GPU.
The full library documentation is available on GitHub and the Intel Developer Zone.

Before You Begin


Use the following sample projects to become familiar with the
Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library
Sample Name
This C++ API example demonstrates the basics of the oneDNN programming model using an ReLU operation.
This C++ API example demonstrates the oneDNN SYCL extensions API programming model using a custom SYCL kernel and an ReLU operation.

Building Examples with the
Intel® oneAPI

source ${SYCL_BUNDLE_ROOT}/ CXX=${SYCL_BUNDLE_ROOT}/bin/dpcpp INC="-I${DNNLROOT}/include" LIB="-L${SYCL_BUNDLE_ROOT}/lib -L${DNNLROOT}/lib" ${CXX} -std=c++11 ${INC} -fsycl test.cpp ${LIB} -lsycl -lOpenCL -ldnnl # Run export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${DNNLROOT}/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} ./a.out

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