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Configure Your System

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
If you use the
Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
(Render Kit) from the Intel® DevCloud, you can skip the prerequisite and configuration sections and start with running a sample application. Intel® DevCloud already has all the
Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
components installed. See Get Started with Intel DevCloud for oneAPI for details.
To set up your system, you need to:
Install the software prerequisites and the
Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
to the default installation directories. Otherwise, you might get an error.

Install Software Prerequisites

Install the following required software:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio* 2017 15.9.10 or higher.
    For Microsoft Windows*, the Visual Studio* C++ Development tools must be installed, including the CMake tools in the Desktop development with C++ workload. Installing the Linux Development with C++ workload will not provide the necessary tools to run all samples. Use the links below to install Visual Studio and CMake.
    Visual C++ Tools for CMake is installed by default as part of the
    Desktop Development with C++ workload
  • CMake* 3.12 or higher. Although
    the CMake is
    not required by the oneAPI tools and toolkits, many oneAPI samples are provided as CMake projects and require CMake to build them. For more information about CMake, refer to
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 installations may already include the CMake 3.12 extension.
  • Git* for Windows or higher
  • Optional: A
    image viewer to open result images ()
    This guide uses ImageMagick to work with images. For example, it uses the ImageMagick
    tool to convert images to the format supported by the Intel® Open Image Denoise.

Intel® Implicit SPMD Program Compiler

Intel® ISPC automatically vectorizes and leverages Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions, Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions, Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 and Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 instructions.
You can download and install the Intel® ISPC from
Intel® ISPC is not included in the
Render Kit
. By default, the
Render Kit
tutorial assets are set to be built with a system compiler.
If you want to use the
superbuild script to build the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit, the Intel® ISPC is downloaded automatically. Using the
superbuild script is recommended for new and returning developers.
Using the Intel® ISPC is recommended to optimize application performance.

Set Environment Variables

To work at a Command Line Interface (CLI), configure components of the oneAPI toolkits using environment variables. Set up your CLI environment by running the
script from the command line.
You can find the
script in the root folder of your oneAPI installation, which is typically
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\
In this document, the environment variables are set up with this script.
You can also set up the
Render Kit
environment variables per component from a command prompt as follows:
path <install-dir>\ospray\latest\bin;%PATH%
path <install-dir>\ospray_studio\latest\bin;%PATH%
path <install-dir>\embree\latest\bin;%PATH%
path <install-dir>\tbb\latest\redist\intel64\vc_mt;%PATH%
path <install-dir>\openvkl\latest\bin;%PATH%
path <install-dir>\oidn\latest\bin;%PATH%
path <install-dir>\rkcommon\latest\bin;%PATH%
is the directory where you installed the
Render Kit
. By default, it is
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI
Option 3: No environment variables
Setting environment variables in the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit simplifies running sample applications. However, they are otherwise not absolutely required for building programs. Deployed applications can be built with a relative
for the local directory
that allows the dynamic linker to find required libraries.
  1. Build your programs with the
    set similarly or to the local directory.
  2. Stage the desired version of the
    runtime libraries along with resulting executables to disambiguate distributions of the
    installed on the system.
Developers interested in this deployment are well suited to review the
CMake script as part of the
component. See the Build Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit Libraries for Linux OS article for details.

For GPU Users, Download and Install GPU Drivers

  1. To download the driver, go to Graphics Drivers.
  2. Click on the latest version of
    Intel® Graphics - Windows® 10 DCH Drivers
  3. Run the installer.


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