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  • 04/11/2022
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Configure Your System

To use the
Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
(Render Kit) samples, you first need to set up your system as follows:

Install the oneAPI Sample Browser

You can access sample applications from the oneAPI sample browser. The browser is distributed as part of the
Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit
Base Kit
) in the
Install the
Base Kit
Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks
, which is available in both Render Kit and
Base Kit
. No other
Base Kit
components are required. See
Base Kit
product page
for more information and download links.
You can also get the samples manually using Git*.

Install Microsoft Visual Studio* with CMake* and Windows* SDK

Although Intel® oneAPI Toolkits do not require CMake* and Windows* SDK , many oneAPI samples are delivered as CMake projects. To build such samples, you need to install CMake and Windows SDK.
To do this, install the Microsoft Visual Studio* C++ development tools, which include CMake tools in the desktop development with C++ workload. See CMake projects in Visual Studio for installation instructions. Typically, the required components are installed from the optional section of the Visual Studio installer.
Visual C++ Tools for CMake is installed by default as part of the
Desktop Development with C++ workload
For more information about CMake, refer to For more information on the Windows* SDK refer to the Microsoft Dev Center Windows* SDK.

Install Imaging Tools

Render Kit samples and applications often require preprocessed images as input or generate images as output. To
display and
convert input and output images, you need to get imaging tools for staging NetPBM filetypes (PPM and PFM). Recommended tool is ImageMagick*. See the ImageMagick website for standalone and package manager install instructions.

For GPU Users, Download and Install GPU Drivers

  1. To download the driver, go to Graphics Drivers.
  2. Click on the latest version of
    Intel® Graphics - Windows® 10 DCH Drivers
  3. Run the installer.

Next Steps

Get started with the
Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
by building and running sample applications.


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