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Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
Render Kit
) resources.

API Manuals

Render Kit libraries provide C99-based API interfaces. API manuals are located on component library public webpages.
All C99 API headers compile under C++11. If you prefer C++, some Render Kit libraries expose C++ API wrappers functionality defined in header files.
Intel OSPRay
Intel Open Image Denoise

Advanced Sample Program Sources

For each component sample, source is available in the component GitHub* repository:


You can deploy a local environment to build and run all samples with the superbuild. The superbuild is a complete automated CMake* script to get and build all Render Kit libraries and samples. The superbuild is a recommended method for:
  • Exploring all samples in an easy and comprehensive sandbox. Editing and rebuilding them quickly.
  • Getting many prerequisites for building the libraries automatically
  • Reviewing internal library source code
  • Modifying Render Kit functionality, including staging library build time optional features
The superbuild script is delivered as the
component of the Render Kit distribution. It is also located in the Render Kit github portal. For a superbuild script walkthrough, see the document for your operating system:

Forums and Feedback

Ask questions and provide feedback on the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit forum.
Report technical issues directly on component GitHub repositories:

Product and Performance Information


Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at