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Issues with Downloading

  1. I am downloading Yocto, but the download speed is very slow. Is there a workaround to increase the speed?
    If the download speed is slow::
    • Use other sources to replace the source from The following is an example for ECI 1.5 release:
      diff --git a/kas/meta-python2.dunfell.yml b/kas/meta-python2.dunfell.yml index f73fcee..d18f1d0 100644 --- a/kas/meta-python2.dunfell.yml +++ b/kas/meta-python2.dunfell.yml @@ -12,6 +12,6 @@ header: repos: meta-python2: - url: + url: refspec: e2ef0dd8fa13d6b96e44773b09d07e4817d0a44d path: layers/meta-python2 diff --git a/kas/meta-security.dunfell.yml b/kas/meta-security.dunfell.yml index 6e6439a..d137ca5 100644 --- a/kas/meta-security.dunfell.yml +++ b/kas/meta-security.dunfell.yml @@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ header: repos: meta-security: - url: + url: #dunfell branch refspec: f1ca0f9117ca2feab6b2bcdebe01cc5ebe745b7f path: layers/meta-security diff --git a/kas/meta-virtualization.dunfell.yml b/kas/meta-virtualization.dunfell.yml index 6dcbbef..6882a09 100644 --- a/kas/meta-virtualization.dunfell.yml +++ b/kas/meta-virtualization.dunfell.yml @@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ header: repos: meta-virtualization: - url: + url: refspec: 6912417eacd8c164a265f35e31c2d992d74c9c32 path: layers/meta-virtualization diff --git a/kas/poky.dunfell.yml b/kas/poky.dunfell.yml index 88f8d49..3a8c3bf 100644 --- a/kas/poky.dunfell.yml +++ b/kas/poky.dunfell.yml @@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ header: repos: poky: - url: + url: refspec: 856d4e9e6126dd1da3d0878677bf4a47f6394735 layers: meta:
    • Use a proxy.
  2. I am in People’s Republic of China. I am downloading from, but the download speed is very slow (lesser than 30 KB per second). How can I solve this issue?

    The normal download speed is in the range of 0 to 8 minutes. If the speed is lesser, use a proxy to download the code. Here is the environment for Git/SSH that supports proxy in
    Ubuntu environment:

    For Git (~/.gitconfig)

    [user] name = <your name> email = <your email> [http] proxy = <your proxy> lowSpeedTime = 60000 lowSpeedLimit = 1000 sslVerify = false [https] proxy = <your proxy> [url "https://"] insteadOf = git:// insteadOf = gitsm:// [color] ui = auto [credential] helper = store [http ""] proxy = <your proxy> [http ""] proxy = <your proxy> [http ""] proxy = <your proxy> [http ""] proxy = <your proxy>
    For SSH (~/.ssh/config)
    host user <your account for> hostname identifyfile ~/.ssh/id_rsa port 443 proxycommand /bin/nc -X connect -x <your proxy> %h %p tcpkeepalive yes compression yes connectionattempts 3

    Here is the environment for /wget that supports proxy:

    /etc/environment http_proxy=<your proxy> https_proxy=<your proxy> socks_proxy=<your proxy> source /etc/environment wget proxy ~/.wgetrc http_proxy=<your proxy> https_proxy=<your proxy> ftp_proxy=<your proxy> use_proxy=on Wait=15
  3. Is there a workaround to increase the download speed of Debian target?
    If the download speed is slow:
    • Replace the Debian mirror sites with mirrors in People’s Republic of China, such as
      $ vi targets/kas/opt-isar-apt-mirrors.yml local_conf_header: apt_mirror: | DISTRO_APT_PREMIRRORS = "" apt_source: | DISTRO_APT_SOURCES = "conf/distro/debian-buster.list"
    • Use a proxy.
  4. I am unable to find the source from the FTP site. The source file is replaced when new files are updated from FTP sites. What should I do?
    Go to the FTP site, find the new file, and replace it in the .bb file:
    • Find the SRC_URL (for example, rt-app):
      bitbake -e rt-app | grep ^SRC_URI SRC_URI="git://;protocol=https;destsuffix=git/rt-app;name=app file://benchmarking.tar.gz;subdir=git file://README.txt file://rtapp_codesys_simulation.json file://rtapp_opcua.json"
    • Find the .bb file in source code:
      find . –name rt-app*.bb ./resources/meta-benchmarking-rt/recipes-benchmarking/rt-app-cobalt/ ./resources/meta-benchmarking-rt/recipes-benchmarking/rt-app/
    • Change SRC_URI in .bb or .inc:
      SRC_URI = "\ git://;protocol=https;destsuffix=git/rt-app;name=app \ file://benchmarking.tar.gz;subdir=git \

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