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  • 05/13/2021
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Edge Controls for Industrial

Intel® Edge Controls for Industrial is a reference software platform that combines elements of real-time compute, workload consolidation, industrial connectivity, security and functional safety, and software and infrastructure management.
Edge Controls for Industrial provides a variety of deterministic real-time OSs which integrate leading software technologies such as OPC UA Publish/Subscribe library with Time-Sensitive Networking capabilities, Xenomai* I-Pipe Kernel patch, RTS*, and ACRN* type-1 Hypervisors. Edge Controls for Industrial images also contain virtualization features, integrated industrial protocol support, CPU optimizations, kernel optimizations, and benchmarking tools for real-time applications.
Because of its modularity, Edge Controls for Industrial helps customers to achieve better flexibility and availability of industrial operations while simultaneously driving down capital and operational expenditures. See How It Works.
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