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  • 10/25/2022
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Wandering Application in a Waffle Gazebo* Simulation

This tutorial shows a TurtleBot* 3 simulated in a waffle world. For more information about TurtleBot* 3 and the waffle world, see this.

Run the Sample Application

  1. If your system has an Intel® GPU, follow the steps in the Get Started Guide for Robots to enable the GPU for simulation. This step improves Gazebo* simulation performance.
  2. Check if your installation has the turtlesim Docker* image.
    docker images |egrep "amr-turtlebot3|amr-rtabmap|amr-nav2|amr-wandering" #if you have them installed, the result is: amr-turtlesim amr-rtabmap amr-nav2 wandering
    If one or more of the images are not installed, continuing with these steps
    triggers a build that takes longer than an hour
    (sometimes, a lot longer depending on the system resources and internet connection).
  3. If one or more of the images are not installed, Intel recommends installing the Robot Complete Kit with the Get Started Guide for Robots.
  4. Go to the
    cd <edge_insights_for_amr_path>/Edge_Insights_for_Autonomous_Mobile_Robots_<version>/AMR_containers
  5. Prepare the environment setup:
    source ./01_docker_sdk_env/docker_compose/common/docker_compose.source export CONTAINER_BASE_PATH=`pwd` export ROS_DOMAIN_ID=32
  6. Run this command to start the Docker* container:
    CHOOSE_USER=eiforamr docker-compose -f 01_docker_sdk_env/docker_compose/05_tutorials/wandering_gazebo.tutorial.yml up
    Expected output:
    After Gazebo* starts, the robot starts wandering inside the simulation. See the simulation snapshot:
    To increase performance, the real time update rate can be set to 0:
    1. In Gazebo*’s left panel, go to the
      Tab, and click
    2. Change the real time update rate to 0.
  7. To close this, do one of the following:
    • Type
      in the terminal where you did the up command.
    • Run this command in another terminal:
    CHOOSE_USER=eiforamr docker-compose -f 01_docker_sdk_env/docker_compose/05_tutorials/wandering_gazebo.tutorial.yml down --remove-orphans


If the robot is not moving but Gazebo* has started, start the wandering application manually by opening a container shell and entering:
docker-compose -f 01_docker_sdk_env/docker_compose/01_amr/amr-sdk.all.yml run wandering bash ros2 run wandering_app wandering
For general robot issues, go to: Troubleshooting for Robot Tutorials.

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