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  • 2022.3
  • 10/25/2022
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EI for AMR Robot Tutorials

Prerequisite: Follow the instructions in Get Started Guide for Robots.
  • The target system for the for the Robot Base Kit is different than the target system for development and simulations, so make sure that your target system meets the applicable Recommended Hardware requirements.
  • When you download the EI for AMR software, select the:
    • Robot Complete Kit for development and simulations
    • Robot Base Kit for installation on a robot
    • UP Xtreme i11 Robotic Kit to see how AAEON’s UPS 6000 and UP Xtreme i11 Robot Kits work
With step-by-step instructions covering real world usage scenarios, these tutorials provide a learning path for developers to use and configure EI for AMR.
You can execute the following sample applications on the

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