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  • 04/26/2022
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Intel® Edge Software Configurator

Intel® Edge Software Configurator
(Intel® ESC) is a software tool that enables you to configure and optimize* Edge Software Hub Packages and custom applications, creating and managing Containers and Virtual Machines for edge computing with the same flexibility you would have in cloud computing operations.
Intel® Edge Software Configurator
is downloaded and installed through Intel® Edge Software Hub and provides a simple graphic user interface for:
  • Configuration and management of Edge Software Packages.
  • Configuration and management of Containers and Container Stacks.
  • Configuration and management of Virtual Machines.
  • Onboarding and deploying saved profiles to multiple edge devices.
  • Monitoring the performance of multiple edge devices.
  • Visualization of System and Application Performance data.
  • Recommendations for workload optimization.
The tool works seamlessly with Edge Software Hub products, including the edgesoftware CLI, allowing developers to perform tasks in their interface of choice, being able to switch between CLI and GUI when needed. See How it Works.
Use the Get Started Guide for installation instructions and an introduction to the
Intel® Edge Software Configurator
user interface.
When set up is complete, choose the Edge Software Configurator Basics section for step-by-step, hands-on walkthroughs of how to use and configure the
Intel® Edge Software Configurator
Indicates this functionality is in Feature Preview. It is under development and may have limited capabilities.

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