• 5.0
  • 04/26/2022
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Monitor > Deployed Edge Nodes

  1. Click on
    in the top menu and select
    Deployed Edge Nodes
  2. In the
    Deployed Edge Nodes
    screen, you will see a list of edge nodes being deployed with details like deployment status, IP Address, Node Up-time, CPU, Memory, etc.
    If there are no edge nodes deployed, then the
    Deployed Edge Nodes
    screen displays an empty page with shortcut links to onboard and deploy an edge node.
  3. To view the CPU, Memory, and Storage details for any node, hold your cursor over the respective icons of that node as shown.
  4. To view the
    of any edge node, click on the respective
    Edge Node Name
    If the
    Power Cycle
    option is selected, power actions are also enabled under
    Edge Node Actions
  5. Once the
    Power Off
    action is triggered, the target device will go to the power off state and the endpoint state will be disconnected. Power on the edge node again by clicking on
    Power On
    Edge Node Actions
  6. Similarly, you can perform a Restart operation on that edge node by clicking on the
    button under
    Edge Node Actions
  7. Click on the
    tab to view Performance statistics.
  8. Click on
    Packages and Modules
    to view the list of modules installed on the Edge Node.
  9. Similarly, we can view
    Containers & Stacks
    Virtual Machines
    on Edge Node.
  10. Similar to the
    screens, you can customize columns and filter edge node under deployed edge nodes on the
    page with the respective icons present on right corner.
  11. Click on
    to exit.

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