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Install and Uninstall Modules from Edge Software Packages

Intel® Edge Software Configurator
tool enables the configuration of Edge Software Packages available in the Edge Software Hub. The tool provides a graphic user interface for package management, and it works seamlessly with the edgesoftware CLI, mirroring its features.
With Edge Software Configurator, you are able to:
  • Add and configure the packages downloaded from the Edge Software Hub.
  • View which Edge Software Packages are installed in the host machine.
  • View modules downloaded and installed with the Edge Software Package, verify their installation status and log files, and uninstall modules.
  • View compatible modules available for download and installation, and install modules.
This section will walk you through uninstalling and installing one module. The instructions are applicable to any configuration, with the only difference being the information displayed on screen for modules listed as
Modules Installed
Modules Available for Install

Step 1: Go to Configure > Edge Software Packages and Modules

in the top menu and select
Edge Software Packages and Modules
The Edge Software Packages and Modules screen displays the screen below.
By default, there will be no packages and modules added under
Installed Packages & Modules
on the Home page. We can add them by following the steps below.

Step 2: Install the Packages

  1. Click on
    Add Package.
  2. Click on
    Browse Files
    for the required Edge Software Package downloaded from Edge Software Hub. This example uses the Edge Insights for Vision package.
    Do not refresh the page and do not navigate to other screens while the package is being uploaded.
  3. Once the package is uploaded successfully, it will fetch the corresponding Edge Software package name and modules.
  4. In this example, the Vision package is loaded successfully. Now you can install the package providing the product key.
  5. Enter the Product Key for the Edge Software Package. The Product Key is contained in the email you received from Intel confirming your download and it's used to verify the license.
  6. After the product key is validated, a pop-up will display on the screen showing installation of the package in progress. Click on the
    button to continue the installation in the background. This example uses the Edge Insights for Vision package downloaded from Edge Software Hub.
    You are only prompted to enter the product key the first time that you install the package.
  7. Once the package is installed successfully, the
    option will be enabled as shown in the screenshot below. Now you can view the available and installed modules by clicking on the
Once the package is added and configured, then you will see a list of modules installed on the left, with installation status and available actions, such as
View Logs
. Modules that are available for install are listed in the column on the right.
Follow the instructions below to install/uninstall Amazon Web Services Greengrass* Prerequisites as an example.
actions take care of all dependencies. For some modules, because of dependencies,
is not available.

Step 3: Install a Module

  1. For example, find
    Amazon Web Services Greengrass Prerequisites
    in the
    Modules Available for Install
    list. Select the checkbox for Amazon Web Services Greengrass Prerequisites and select
    Install Modules
    at the top of the Modules Available.
  2. Select
    In the
    Modules available for Install
    list, you will see the module selected and the installation progress.
Once the installation is completed successfully, you will see the module under the
Modules Installed
list. If the module fails, then the module remains on the right with status as
. In this case, you must follow the same steps to install that module again.

Step 4: Uninstall a Module

Any Edge Software Package module that was successfully installed and is not a dependency to other modules installed, can be uninstalled using Edge Software Configurator.
This guide uses the Amazon Web Services Greengrass Prerequisites module as an example.
  1. Find
    Amazon Web Services Greengrass Prerequisites
    in the
    Modules Installed
  2. Select
  3. You will be prompted to confirm the action. To proceed, select
When the process is complete, the module will be displayed in the
Modules Available for Install
list and can be installed again whenever needed.


The Edge Software Configurator package was previously named
. Some screenshots, commands, and file paths in this guide still use
at this time.
No modules displayed in the Edge Software Package details card.
If the host machine where the Edge Software Package was installed is behind a proxy, and the modules for the Edge Software Packages are not listed, verify the proxy details in the

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