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Virtual Machines - Troubleshooting

The Edge Software Configurator package was previously named
. Some screenshots, commands, and file paths in this guide still use
at this time.
Virtual Machine I/O Device Assignment
If any new USB or PCI device is added to the host machine, make sure to restart your system or restart VM-agent container by executing the below command:
sudo docker restart esm-vm-agent
Windows GFX Driver Support with vGPU Feature
You can download the Windows driver from the Graphics Driver section on the Intel websiteor click on Windows OS update, once the OS is installed. Depending on your Intel processor, the latest validated driver version for Skylake and Coffee Lake is
Windows Virtual Machine booted with UEFI Firmware Type
Click on View Console of the ISO Virtual Machine, which is in created state, and type the following commands:
After entering the above commands, press
Delay in Accessing Virtual Machine
If you face a delay in accessing the Virtual Machine, you can restart the VM.
Virtual Machine Template Disabled or Error
  • After executing all the prerequisites with the required files from GitHub, restart the
    container by issuing the below command on the terminal of the host device:
    sudo docker restart esm-vm-agent
Failed to install or start virtual machine
  • Click on the
    icon to see details about the error.
Failed to install virtual machine: Connection to Edge Software Provisioner failed
  • If the system is behind a proxy, ensure that proxy configuration in the
    file is correct.
  • Verify that no other applications are currently using port 8888 as it is reserved for Edge Software Provisioner.
  • Reinstall
    Intel® Edge Software Configurator
    after making the changes above.
Installation Timeout Error at 0%
  • Intel® Edge Software Configurator
    requires wired Internet connection for virtual machine operations. Make sure your system is not connected through WiFi.
  • Verify Edge Software Provisioner is accessible over the IP address, for example, http://<ip_address>:8888/tftp
Installation Failed at #%
  • Delete the Virtual Machine for which the installation failed and create a new one. This is usually due to interruptions caused by the system.
KVM disabled
  • Enable Intel® VT-x in the BIOS.
#MB memory is not available in the host
  • Ensure there is enough available memory on the host system before adding new virtual machine. Select virtual machine template with smaller memory allocation (2048 MB minimum).
Cannot set up guest memory ‘pc.ram’: Out of memory
  • Ensure there is enough available memory on the host system or edit the virtual machine to reduce its memory allocation before powering on the virtual machine.
Other Errors
  • Restart the system.

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