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  • 04/26/2022
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Create Virtual Machine with Attended ISO Installation

Step 1: Go to Configure > Virtual Machines

  1. Click on
    in the top menu and select
    Virtual Machines
  2. In the
    Virtual Machines
    screen, click on the
    Follow the steps mentioned in Add Images to upload Local ISO Image.
  3. Later, create new VM template and select the ISO image that you created in the previous step while specifying operating system details. Follow the steps mentioned in Add Virtual Machine Templates to create a new VM template.

Step 2: Add Virtual Machine

  1. In the
    Virtual Machines
    screen under the
    VM Instances
    tab, click on
    Add Virtual Machine
  2. Follow the steps in Create Virtual Machine with Existing Template to create a new Virtual Machine and select the VM template that you created in the previous step.
  3. Once the Virtual machine is in
    state, click on
    and select
    Access Virtual Machine
  4. On clicking
    Access Virtual Machine
    , you can view or manage this virtual machine through the Graphic User Interface (GUI).
    Click on
    Install Ubuntu
  5. Complete the OS installation process.
  6. Once the OS installation is completed, click on message icon beside your virtual machine name in the VM instances screen.
  7. Click on the
    Confirm OS installation
  8. The status of the virtual machine will be updated and will be Powered On.

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