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  • 04/26/2022
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Add Images

Step 1: Go to Configure > Virtual Machines

  1. Click on
    in the top menu and select
    Virtual Machines
    In the
    Virtual Machines
    screen, you will see a list of existing virtual machines, their status, OS type and version, resources, and available actions. You can also search for a specific virtual machine.
    If there are no virtual machines in the host machine, the
    Virtual Machines
    screen displays a message and shortcut for adding Virtual Machines.

Step 2: Add Images

  1. In the
    Virtual Machines
    screen, click on the
    You will see the list of Local Install Media Images, Network Images, and Virtual Disk Images, if they were already added.
  2. Click on
    Add Install Media
    to create Local Install Media. Click on
    Add Virtual Disk Image
    to create a Virtual Disk Image.
  3. Click on
    Browse Files
    to access the required image zip folder for adding a Local Install Media file.
    Make sure to upload a valid file. Do not refresh the page and do not log out while the image is being uploaded.
  4. Click on
    for image addition to proceed in the background.
    If you click on
    , then you will not be able to see the image addition progress status on the screen, but you will be notified once the image addition is successful.
  5. A notification will pop up, letting you know that a new image was added successfully.

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