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  • 05/25/2021
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Add and Onboard Edge Nodes

To add and onboard an edge node you will need two devices, one with
Intel® Edge Software Configurator
installed and another device where you will add and onboard an edge node.

Step 1: Go to Deploy > Onboard Edge Nodes

Click on
in the top menu and select
Onboard Edge Nodes
In the
Onboard Edge Nodes
screen, you will see a list of onboarding pending edge nodes with its creation time and actions list, and also successfully onboarded edge nodes with details like IP address, creation time, status, CPU cores and actions. You can also search for a specific edge node.
If there are no edge nodes registered, the
Onboard Edge Nodes
screen displays a message and shortcut for adding edge nodes.

Step 2: Add and Onboard Edge Node

  1. In the
    Onboard Edge Nodes
    screen, click on
    Add Edge Node
  2. Name the Edge Node. Don't use spaces or special characters.
  3. Click on
  4. You will see a set of instructions to onboard an edge node in the note section, and commands for deploying an edge agent, which must be executed on the device that needs to be onboarded.
  5. Follow the steps mentioned on the screen to install the certificates on the edge node being onboarded.
  6. By executing the command given on the device to be onboarded, you can install the edge agent on your remote Docker environment. As mentioned, reboot the device after installation of agent.
  7. Click on
    . You will see the newly added device under
    Successfully Onboarded Node(s)

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