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Linux* Troubleshooting

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection during the full installation. If you lose Internet connectivity at any time, the installation might fail.
  • Make sure you are using a fresh
    installation. Earlier software, especially Docker* and Docker Compose*, can cause issues.
  • In proxy environment, if single user proxy is set (in the
    file, for example) then some of the component installation may fail or installation hangs. So make sure you have set the proxy in
  • For PRC users: downloading and installation of CSP and K3s components may fail. Only the components below are supported in PRC:
    • Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit
      in a Container
    • Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit
    • Deep Learning (DL) Streamer Pipelines
    • Docker*
      Community Edition (CE)
  • If yum update fails in
    in proxy environment, make sure to set the proxy in
  • RHEL*
    Installation of the component may fail if you fail to enter the root password before the timeout period ends. In some cases, this causes package dependencies to be broken and subsequent installations may also fail.
    To resolve this issue, search for the package which shows the error, remove the package and start the installation again, using these commands:
    sudo yum list installed <package_name> sudo yum remove <package_name_showed_with_first_command>
  • On CentOS target machine, if
    failed to start the service, perform the below steps:
    • Reboot the target machine.
    • Execute the following commands:
      source /opt/intel/openvino/bin/ cd $HDDL_INSTALL_DIR ./ cd ./bin ./hddldaemon
If you're unable to resolve your issues, go to the .

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