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  • 10/21/2021
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Run Profiling Application in Docker* Container with VTune™ Profiler

Run the Sample Application

  1. Go to the
    cd <edge_insights_for_amr_path>/Edge_Insights_for_Autonomous_Mobile_Robots_<version>/AMR_containers
  2. Run the command below to start the Docker container:
    ./ amr-ubuntu2004-full-flavour-sdk:<TAG> root
  3. Copy the
    and change directory to VTune™ Profiler:
    cp -r /home/eiforamr/data_samples/matrix_multiply_vtune /tmp/matrix_multiply_vtune cd /tmp/matrix_multiply_vtune
  4. Build the Matrix Multiplication sample:
    . /opt/intel/oneapi/ cmake . make
  5. Run the application with VTune™ Profiler:
    sudo /opt/intel/oneapi/vtune/2021.2.0/bin64/vtune -collect gpu-hotspots -- ./matrix.dpcpp
    Expected output:
    vtune: Warning: To profile kernel modules during the session, make sure they are available in the /lib/modules/kernel_version/ location. vtune: Collection started. To stop the collection, either press CTRL-C or enter from another console window: vtune -r /tmp/matrix_multiply_vtune/r001gh -command stop. ./matrix.dpcpp: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory vtune: Collection stopped. vtune: Using result path `/tmp/matrix_multiply_vtune/r001gh' vtune: Executing actions 19 % Resolving information for `' vtune: Warning: Cannot locate debugging information for file `/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/'. vtune: Executing actions 22 % Resolving information for `pinbin' vtune: Warning: Cannot locate file `vmlinux'. vtune: Executing actions 22 % Resolving information for `vmlinux' vtune: Warning: Cannot locate debugging information for the |os| kernel. Source-level analysis will not be possible. Function-level analysis will be limited to kernel symbol tables. See the Enabling |os| Kernel Analysis topic in the product online help for instructions. vtune: Executing actions 75 % Generating a report Elapsed Time: 0.049s GPU Utilization: 40.6% | GPU utilization is low. Consider offloading more work to the GPU to | increase overall application performance. | Collection and Platform Info Application Command Line: ./matrix.dpcpp Operating System: 5.8.0-55-generic DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=20.04 DISTRIB_CODENAME=focal DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS" Computer Name: glarc02 Result Size: 4.7 MB Collection start time: 15:38:43 15/06/2021 UTC Collection stop time: 15:38:43 15/06/2021 UTC Collector Type: Event-based sampling driver,Driverless Perf system-wide sampling CPU Name: Intel® microarchitecture code named Tigerlake Frequency: 2.419 GHz Logical CPU Count: 8 GPU Name: TigerLake GT2 [Iris Xe Graphics] Vendor: Intel Corporation EU Count: 80 Max EU Thread Count: 7 Max Core Frequency: 1.300 GHz If you want to skip descriptions of detected performance issues in the report, enter: vtune -report summary -report-knob show-issues=false -r <my_result_dir>. Alternatively, you may view the report in the csv format: vtune -report <report_name> -format=csv. vtune: Executing actions 100 % done


If the following error is encountered:
$ ./ amr-ubuntu2004-full-flasvour-sdk:<TAG> eiforamr bash: ./ Permission denied
Give executable permission to the script:
$ chmod 755

Summary and Next Steps

In this tutorial, you learned how to run a profiling application in a container with the VTune™ Profiler.
As a next step, see the Run OpenVINO™ Benchmarking Tool tutorial.

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