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  • 2022.2
  • 04/11/2022
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Personalizing Your Own Group of Checks

To create your own personal set of checks for diagnosing your system, use the
option. Create the configuration JSON file and specify name of each check file.
  • Optional: You can specify the absolute or relative path to check file if this check won’t be loaded by default.
An example of a configuration file is in
. It looks similar to this:
[ { "name": "gcc_version_check" }, { "name": "gpu_backend_check" } ]
Note: A checker file can contain more than one check. You can choose only one by specifying the name.
Find the name and path of each of the checks you wish to run from the List of Checks by Check Name and add each of the checks to the JSON file.
Then run the Diagnostics Utility for Intel® oneAPI Toolkits using the config argument:
python3 --config configs/sample_config.json
If your config file has a different name or path, change the
to the name and path of your config file.
Example output
Checks results: ============================================================================================= Check name: gcc_version_check Description: This check shows information about GCC compiler version. Result status: PASS ============================================================================================= ============================================================================================= Check name: gpu_backend_check Description: This check shows information from OpenCL™ and Intel® oneAPI Level Zero drivers. Result status: ERROR Intel® oneAPI Level Zero driver is not initialized ============================================================================================= 2 CHECKS, 1 PASS, 0 FAIL, 0 WARNINGS, 1 ERROR Console output file: /home/test/intel/diagnostics/logs/diagnostics_config_example_config_hostname_20211123_103737097543.txt JSON output file: /home/test/intel/diagnostics/logs/diagnostics_config_example_config_hostname_20211123_103737097593.json The report was generated for the machine: hostname by the Diagnostics Utility for Intel® oneAPI Toolkits 2022.1.0

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