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  • 2022.3.0
  • 09/27/2022
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Test with helm-charts

You can import helm-charts either from existing repositories like bitnami and or a source code repository. For code repositories the portal will look for an
file that references one or more archived charts ending with

You can create packaged charts from a chart directory with helm package PATH_TO_CHART_DIR and generate the index file with helm repo index ahead of time.

Navigate to Helm Chart

Use your
view to access the
+Import Resources
option and select
Helm Chart

Configure Import

  1. Enter the configuration of the source code repository.
    • Repo URL
      • For repositories like bitnami use paths generally used with the
        helm repo add
        command e.g.
      • For source code repositories enter the raw github path format. To retrieve the raw github filepath click open the index.yaml file in your browser and select to open
        file contents. Remove the trailing filename to only include the repository name and branch e.g.
    • Private
      : Check to import from private repository
    • Secret
      : For private repos, enter your git account
      and the
      Git Token
      To generate a secret, navigate to your github account
      Developer Settings
      Personal Access Tokens
      Generate New Token
      and ensure
      repo access
      is enabled. Your one-time token will be generated in the next page.
    on the bottom-right.
  2. Enter a unique
    Repo Name
    to indentify your docker-compose resource in the Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge portal. You will be presented a list of helm-charts referenced in your index.yml.
    Select the single helm-chart of interest and proceed to the next page with
  3. The container Playground portal will show the modified changes of your original helm-chart required to run successfully inside your Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge account.
    You must select an existing project or create one with
    +Create New Project
    option to associate your imported resource.
  4. After assigning a project, use the
    My Library
    on the bottom to return to the My-Library view.
To launch your project, see Select Hardware and Launch Containers.
Try out the above flow with the pre-configured git repository containing an example index.yaml:
  • Repo URL:
  • Repo Name:
  • Select
    from the Chart Name drop down list.
  • Assign the resource to a new project
    on the changes comparison page.
Four containers will be in running state. Use the dashboard view to see the logs of social-distancing mc ssr container that utilizes the dlstreamer api to perform inference on a video, mqtt (mosquitto) broker container and results written to influxdb container.
For the grafana container, open the dashboard URL. With the menu on the left, navigate to
Multi Camera Covid-19 Solution
to see the violations.
If you face issues, try deleting the project from My Library before launching.

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